• Partially collateralized: In order to bring stability to the value of $BDO, going forward it will become partially collateralized in order to support it as a fully decentralized stablecoin and give it the tools it needs to maintain a peg value of $1. (More details to be provided in the coming weeks)
  • Deflationary mechanism: There will be a small transaction fee for every $BDO transaction (except buying tx). The fee ratio will be adjustable through voting by the bDollar’s governance. A snapshot page will be shared within the next 7 days to allow the community to decide on this fee.
  • Flexibility: By making the smart contract upgradable, it will become possible for us to make further cool changes in the future and allow us to remain adaptable.
  • BDO in bPower: The contract will be migrated automatically
  • BDO in LP farming, bVaults, single stake: Users need to approve to migrate from the current one to the new one (UI to be updated)
  • BDO in bLending: Users need to withdraw and migrate manually
  • BDO in LPs outside of our platform: → Unstake → Stake at → wait for UI update to migrate
  • BDO in BDO/BNB earn CAKE at PancakeSwap: ETA and more information to be updated
  • BDO in user wallet: Users need to migrate directly at the site
  • bPepe (NFTs)
  • bLaunch
  • New UI
  • bLottery V2
  • Multi-Peg: Coupons update
  • Double-dipping for Boardroom stakers
  • More partnerships
  • Community campaigns



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A decentralized reserve currency protocol on #BSC