bEarn Fi introduction

3 min readNov 24, 2020


bEarn Fi is a cross-chain product in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that at its core provides yield generation, algorithmic stablecoin, bridge, gaming aggregation, treasury, AMM DEX, and governance on multi-chain: Binance Smart Chain blockchain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain.

The protocol is developed by various independent factors within the cryptocurrency space. Management of the protocol is governed by BFI and BFIE (BFI token on Ethereum blockchain) holders.

Our core products are active in production, below is a quick brief on the protocol’s governance process, and links to active communication channels.

Main products

Algorithmic stablecoin — bDollar

bDollar is the first algorithmic stablecoin on Binance Smart Chain with an innovative solution that can adjust its supply deterministically to move the price of the token in the direction of a target price to bring programmability and interoperability to DeFi.

Binance Smart Chain Vaults

The first and most advanced yield-farming aggregators on BSC that generate yield based on opportunities present in the market automatically. Vaults benefit users by reducing gas costs and focus on returning maximum profit to depositors.

Inspired by BSC — an innovative solution to bring programmability and interoperability to DeFi with high speed and low gas costs. Thus, users do not need to have a rich knowledge of the underlying protocols involved or DeFi and they are still able to have a passive income.


The first cross-chain project that allows users to play multiple games on both BSC and Ethereum blockchain.

The reason why real time gaming’s don’t work well on the Ethereum network is because the network is relatively slow, gas fees can be high at times and network congestion can also play a major role. This is where BSC comes in.


Cross-chain portal to transfer assets between BSC and Ethereum blockchain.


Treasury that enables users to obtain coverage against financial loss for various smart contracts and protocols on the BSC and Ethereum blockchain. And treasury will be controlled under governance.


The Bearn Fi ecosystem is controlled by BFI and BFIE token holders who submit and vote on proposals that govern the ecosystem. Proposals that meet requirements (>30% of the tokens staked in the governance contract) and generate a majority support (>50% of the vote) will be processed.


Flexible emission rate (will be changed over time to match the development — Quarterly or Monthly):

Daily emission: 322.5 BFI

Weekly emission: 2257.5 BFI


  • Farmers — 12.5% of the total rewards
  • BFI staker — 25% of the total rewards (plus 15% Vaults profit)
  • Game Reserve — 5% of the total rewards (total 10,500 BFI)
  • DAO governance treasury — 20% of the total rewards
  • Marketing fund — 10% of the total rewards
  • Dev fund — 7.5% of the total rewards
Figure 1. Initial emission plan. Will be voted & updated by community governance weekly

Initial Liquidity Pools (LPs) for farming BFI tokens

4 pools at beginning, start from block 2516400 (Tue Nov 24 2020 13:12:18 GMT+0):

  • Cake-LP (50/50) BFI/BNB32x Rewards
  • Single-asset (no IL) BUSD2x Rewards
  • Single-asset (no IL) USDT1x Rewards
  • Single-asset (no IL) DAI1x Rewards

Contracts (verified)

BFI Token contract:

BearnChef pool contract:

First token minting transaction:

Community channels