bEarn Fi introduction

Main products


  • Farmers — 12.5% of the total rewards
  • BFI staker — 25% of the total rewards (plus 15% Vaults profit)
  • Game Reserve — 5% of the total rewards (total 10,500 BFI)
  • DAO governance treasury — 20% of the total rewards
  • Marketing fund — 10% of the total rewards
  • Dev fund — 7.5% of the total rewards
Figure 1. Initial emission plan. Will be voted & updated by community governance weekly

Initial Liquidity Pools (LPs) for farming BFI tokens

  • Cake-LP (50/50) BFI/BNB32x Rewards
  • Single-asset (no IL) BUSD2x Rewards
  • Single-asset (no IL) USDT1x Rewards
  • Single-asset (no IL) DAI1x Rewards

Contracts (verified)

Community channels



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