Dear our awesome community!

Since the beginning, bEarn has stated a clear vision to become one of the best cross-chain Auto Yield Farming in crypto space. Last month, we took more steps towards making this a reality. We hope our community is proud of our efforts, and we guarantee there’s even more to come!

Let’s look into bEarn’s June at a glance!

  • Compensation Plan Phase 2: With the successful completion of Phase 1, we are continuing to work on the Phase 2 of compensation from June 15. This time we focused on working on the last 20% of BUSD bVault (Alpaca Strategy) with the bonus 5%. The pools of MDG and BDO/BUSD 80/20 were also tackled with support from Value Defi. Needless to say that we really appreciate your patience and support for us during this time, and we have been working everyday to finalize compensation and get the project back on track to success soon!
  • EURO betting: We bring the heat and love of our community for sport to another level with the hottest betting site of the crypto space — bEarn EURO betting. Don’t forget to enjoy the great month of July by supporting your favourite teams and also earn BDO with your prediction! Get ready to place your bets for the quarter finals right now at EuroBet. Euro 2020, Copa America,… And much more yet to come!
  • bPower staking: To cheer up your support for us from the birth of bEarn Fi, we have updated for bPower holders to stake your NFT to earn more BDO V2.0 and bDEX. Moreover, additional bDEX will be delivered for users based on their membership levels. More information will be updated in the upcoming time!
  • bLaunch released: bLaunch is an innovative token sale platform that allows projects to bootstrap adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens through an IDO (initial dex offering) held on bDEX. We offer countless opportunities for projects to earn reputation and grow with the support of both bEarn teams and our community. The IDO programs will be announced soon with many potential projects for you to earn more benefits!

Get ready for July with countless exciting news to come

🔗 Ecosystem going Cross-chain to Polygon

🦾 Sports Betting

🌐 Major New UI to simplify all our ecosystem

💸 Compensation update

🐸 bPepe (NFTs market)

🏦 BDO v2 Partially Collateralized

🎟 bLottery V2

💰 Multi-Peg: Coupons/Bonds update

💸 Double-dipping for Boardroom stakers

🤝 More partnerships

🥇 More community campaigns

About bEarn Fi

bEarn Fi is a cross-chain product in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that at its core provides yield generation, algorithmic stablecoin, gaming aggregation, cross-chain bridge, treasury, lending, DEX, yield calculator, lottery, NFTs and governance on multi-chain: Binance Smart Chain blockchain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain.

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A decentralized reserve currency protocol on #BSC

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A decentralized reserve currency protocol on #BSC

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