3 min readApr 4, 2021

Dear bEarn Community,

March was a busy month with tons of events and updates for the bEarn team and the community. We have compiled all our newest partnerships with leading DeFi projects, integrations, and accomplishments during this month to quickly update you on all things about the project!


bDollar has been selected as top 5 Most Valuable Builders (MVB) on BSC

We are proud to be selected as the top 5 projects as MVB Builder on BSC and receive many benefits from BSC, including

  • A guaranteed $10,000 grants
  • An incubation workshop with industry experts
  • Full security audit from Certik

As the Phrase 3 date is coming soon, we are working our best for project developments and community growth. We expect more support from our community to growth stronger and faster as the best algorithmic stablecoin in all chains

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bDollar smart contract audited by Certik

Certik has been working through the audit process for the bDollar smart contract and comes to the conclusion that all of the functions in the protocol have proper access restriction and parameter sanitization when necessary. The equity was found to be calculated correctly for each of the accounts. Most of the findings are optimizational.

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Boardroom updates

During previous contractions, boardroom stakers didn’t get any rewards while TWAP below 1. After the BDOIP05 implementation, we made the change to also benefit all the shareholders staked in the boardroom and be rewarded with a very good APR even when in contraction.

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New BDO/bBDO at

Following the vote of our community, we add the new BDO/bBDO on bVault Make sure to help the system and purchase bonds to burn BDO, Bonds ( bBDO) become available at the start of each epoch at

Shares pool update

The new BDO-BUSD 80/20 shares pool is added with the allocation 20x and impressive APR to provide more options for users to stake LP and earn sBDO. In addition, LP holders could stake it on bVaults to enjoy the 0.9% Daily.

New Bank pool update

Following the vote of our community, we are excited to deliver the new pool of CAKE-LP bBDO/BDO to earn BUSD on The weekly BUSD reward is impressively $202k BUSD, proportionally divided for the stakeholders

Stake LP and earn BUSD at


Value Defi strategic partnership

Due to the rising cost of ETH gas fees and the rising demand from their community, the Value DeFi team recently expanded to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and they launched their first deflationary token on the network; vBSWAP. This expansion opens the collaboration between bEarn Fi and Value DeFi on multiple levels and both teams will commit to develop and allocate resources & new techniques to strengthen the existing collaboration.

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Referral Trading Challenge with LaunchZone (BSCEX)

Another referral trading challenge opened in collaboration with LaunchZone. Winners will share the prize pool of 3BFI during the time period from 27th Mar 10:30 PM to 3rd Apr 2021 10:30 PM (HKT). Enjoy the trading and take the prize at


April is expected to be the booming month of bEarn with many integration and events, including:

  • AMA with Binance Smart Chain
  • bLending — the Lending platform
  • bPepe — the NFT platform
  • Community campaigns
  • Multi-Pegs
  • bLaunch
  • bFolio

And that’s how we went about the month of March. We are always thankful to our community for their continued participation and passion. We have lots more exciting news and events coming up for you! Please follow our social channels to stay up-to-date with all our latest events and developments.

About bEarn Fi

bEarn Fi is a cross-chain product in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that at its core provides yield generation, gaming aggregation, bridge, treasury, and governance on multi-chain: Binance Smart Chain blockchain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain.