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DUELVERSE — Where fantasy and history meet to stand against each other in the battle of the Multi-verse! An NFT P2E GAME that combines the love of gaming, crypto, profits and fun all together into one!

In the center of the 🌀 universe resides a great and primordial subconscious energy! A place emanating the most powerful beings from Ancient History, Mythology, Present Day and ACG. In this place they all converge for a single purpose: To fight against each other in battle and reign 💪 SUPREME above the rest!

Different universes have collided. Multiple realities have been combined. Many special beings were born into one new world: ⚔️DuelVerse⚔️.

These heroic creatures are now on the loose, with their massive powers making them not only strong, but highly dangerous! That’s why we need you: A trainer that will collect, tame, and train them!

Stand up, choose your Hero, control your Minions and Magic Spells to defeat your enemies and establish order! There are no limits to your creativity, strategies, and rewards in Duel Verse! The time has come to show who is the ultimate fighter, and the warrior of all times!

Will it be you?!?

The time for the battle of Multi-Verse is now! Become a holder, have fun, earn profits, and experience a dash of nostalgia while doing so! Are you ready to join a real-time P2E game that is powered by the players, a Duel Verse world shaped by the community? Are you prepared to experience the excitement of battle & gameplay? You better be — as the time is now!


The NFT market has become an industry of its own — starting from early 2017 and quickly becoming the fastest growing segment of not only DeFi but also the cryptocurrency world as a whole, exceeding more than $1.2 billion of total volume traded in this year alone, and counting with more than 175k active wallets, of which +38% are unique buyers. This trend only shows strong signs of growing even further, as shown not only by trading data but also in terms of mainstream adoption!


Think of the countless hours you´ve spent gaming for fun and enjoyment, without ever earning a dime. In fact, earning money with a game probably never even crossed your mind! All the items, upgrades, and levels you have earned — never truly yours, and none of it was really valued for your commitment and time spent to obtain them. Blockchain technology has the capacity to change that. Why settle only for fun, when you can have so much more? This is a problem that Duel Verse (Our NFT P2E Crypto Game) will come to solve once and for all, with the ability to monetize your skills and in-game digital assets, all while having fun and providing gamers the opportunity to have real asset ownership powered by blockchain technology!

NFT P2E gaming offers a paradigm shift, from a zero-sum game to a positive-sum game, where gamers are the ones who benefit the most.


  • Fun, with a Worldwide View: Duel Verse is the place where Games and Cultures join together. Heroes from all cultures and nations from different periods appear in the game with special traits associated with their homelands.
  • Personalize your Strategy: In Duel Verse, there are no boundaries and no restrictions on your creativity to have fun. The number of cards that can be created is endless, giving you limitless options to personalize your own strategy!
  • NFT Trading: A marketplace system will be available where you can buy or exchange your favorite Cards and Heroes easily. The higher level you are, the more cards and perks you can obtain to improve your collection. Missing a critical Hero/Card to build your unbeatable deck? The easiest way is to visit the marketplace to make it your own!
  • Fair Card Distribution: To ensure fairness between all players, Rare Cards will not be sold directly (unlike Hero Cards). Instead — such cards will be distributed fairly through randomized card packs. Cross your fingers, and you might get a super rare one!


In Duel Verse, players can buy, sell and collect their favorite NFT Heroes and NFT Cards. Join the game to fight and win against other opponents, rank up, raise your stats and earn coins as rewards. Each player can control multiple Heroes, choosing a Hero and Deck to join the battle in different play modes.

  1. Choose your favorite Hero and Deck
  • Hero: Heroes are collectibles, powerful beings of history and fantasy which possess unique powers associated with their background and origin. In order to win the battle, you need to defeat the opponent’s Hero with 30 HP points. Heroes are gameplay characters representing players or bosses within a match. If a player’s hero dies, they lose that game. Every Hero is unique. Collect the rarest ones, and get ready to win most battles possible!
  • Deck: A collection of cards (max 30 cards per deck). No deck is the strongest, and each Hero has different skill sets to help you counter another. All cards in a deck are divided into 5 levels according to their rarities.
  • Cards: All Hero cards have a Rarity grading system that go from 1 to 5 stars. Cards of higher rarity grades require special forces to bring them into existence, rendering them most valuable and hardest to find.

There are 4 types of card in each deck:

  • Minions: Minions are creatures/warriors associated with Myths, Lore and History, they assist in the battlefield fighting alongside their Heroes. Each minion has their own Attack, HP and Mana points. Some minions also have special moves and effects to be used against other minions or heroes. Additionally, as long as your Minion has not been defeated in battle it can continue to be used once per turn.
  • Weapon Cards: Weapons are special cards which can be equipped by Heroes. Each weapon has an Attack value and a Durability score. A Hero can only equip one weapon at a time, and equipping a new weapon will destroy the old one. Equipped weapons are displayed to the left of the hero’s portrait.
  • Spell Cards: These are cards that can be used to trigger an immediate one-time effect or ability, the text on Spell Card describes its corresponding effect(s). In contrast to Minions, Spells provide a wide range of options to tilt the battle one way or the other if you time them right. Each ability ranges from simple damage-dealing, removal of minions, to providing useful enchantments, drawing cards, summoning Minions, restoring Health and many more interesting effects.
  • Trap Cards: These are a special type of card that require specific conditions to be activated on either player’s turn. Trap Cards may be chained to other Trap Cards, Spell Cards, and even to the effects of Minions. Their compounding effect could be the key to outsmarting your opponents!

2. Step into the Battle

  • Pick your starting Hand: 3 cards for the player who takes the first turn, and 4 for the other player
  • Turn play: At the start of each player’s turn, the player gains 1 Mana, and attempts to draw a card. The player is then free (but not forced) to take actions such as playing cards, using their Hero Power, and/or attacking with their Minions or Hero.
  • End turn: Once all possible actions have been taken, the player will end the turn and the opponent player will take action.

The battle is the place where you can show your understanding of your deck and tactics to outplay your opponents. Turn by turn, each match becomes more challenging, complex, and fun!


There are 4 different game modes that you are able to choose from! Practice your skills and step into the game however you like!

  • Quest: Still new to the game? Do as many quests as possible to understand the gameplay, practice your strategy and build up your Deck and Heroes. There are plenty of daily/weekly quests for you to accomplish, such as “play 3 games”, “destroy 10 minions”, and “win 5 consecutive games”.
  • Arena: Confident with your Deck? Get ready for the Arena! It’s time to be victorious in this game mode where players draft their best decks to battle against each other in a tournament-style format for a chance to earn substantial rewards! Players fight until they have suffered 3 losses or claimed 12 victories. Based on the final number of wins they’ve achieved, they’ll be granted awesome rewards!
  • PvP (Friend Challenge): Whether it’s against strangers or friends, you can battle and bet on the result of the duel to earn extra coins! You can search for other players with the same level as you to fight them, or choose a friend from your friends list. Have some courage and show who’s the strongest!
  • Tournament: It’s time for top performers to show who will conquer it all! The group of players on the list will join the tournament to get the chance to earn the most attractive prizes.


Website link: https://www.duelverse.io/


Duel Verse & the bEarn.Fi Ecosystem

Our objective is to place Duel Verse as one of the flagship products of the greater bEarn.Fi ecosystem. At a later stage we will integrate a variety of ecosystem advantages such as:

  • DuelVerse profit sharing distribution to:
  • 🏦 bStake ($BFI)
  • ⚡️ bPower
  • NFT airdrops to $PVI holders
  • IDO purchase priority for bPower holders

This and more will be considered in the future once we’ve positioned Duel-Verse on a solid foundation. The vision of bEarn.Fi is and always has been to be a unique DeFi ecosystem that stands apart from everything else with its community oriented benefits.

Important note:

  • Tokenomics and IDO details to be released in the next few days in another article.

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