Introducing bDEX — bEarn AMM Dex on Binance Smart Chain

4 min readMay 7, 2021


Tired with high slippage and price impact?

We are super thrilled to introduce our latest flagship product: bDEX — a quicker/smoother Decentralized Exchange which allows users to experience the next level of innovative solution in DeFi.


bDEX is an automated market maker (Decentralized Exchange) that uses smart routing to provide its users with the best exchange rate, slippage, and smallest price impact on the market. bDEX has the ability to launch pools, and swap most tokens on #BSC with lower liquidity by ‘borrowing’ liquidity from other DEXes such as 1inch, SushiSwap, and PancakeSwap which allows its users to find the most efficient swapping routes across all platforms.

Key features

  • Allowing users to swap assets
  • Smart routing
  • Connecting with other exchanges and using their liquidities
  • Providing liquidity to a pool in exchange for preferential swap fees
  • Farming bDEX native token: $BDEX
  • bLaunch (Launchpad): TBA
  • bPepe (NFTs market): TBA
  • Referral system: 0.1% incentive from invitees’ trading fee will be distributed to inviter
  • Chart/candles for better trading strategies (to be added 7 days after launch)
  • Order book & Margin trading: To be developed

bDEX Trading fee and Fee distribution

bDEX applies a 0.20% trading fee (lowest in the market) to all trades with details as follows:

  • 🤝 30% to LP Providers
  • 💰 70% to Reserve fund

Reserve fund will be distributed weekly:

  • 40% to bEarn Eco profit
  • 20% to bDEX stakers room (Scroll down for more information)
  • 20% to buyback and burn $BDEX
  • 20% to participating project owners who add/provide liquidity at bDEX (if not owned by any projects, these funds will sent to bEarn eco profit)

When will bDEX go live?

$BDEX token

Enables its holders to:

  • Participate in bDEX governance (ie: trading fee, treasury fund allocation, bLaunch project voting, etc…)
  • Stake to earn from bDEX profit;
  • And lock to boost rewards from liquidity provided

Key information:

$BDEX Tokenomics

$BDEX Tokenomics
  • Initial reward per block: 0.069 $BDEX/block
  • Distribution period: 80 weeks
  • During the first 90 days (~12 weeks), farmers will receive 25% reward in $BDEX + 75% reward in xBDEX as receipt, and 75% $BDEX will be unlocked and vested linearly in the next 12 weeks (from day 91 to day 180) by redeeming xBDEX
  • From week 25 (day 181 — no lock-up) farmers will receive 100% reward

$BDEX transaction fee

Since $BDEX is a deflationary token, there will be a small fee for every $BDEX transaction:

Transaction fee: 0.05%

  • 0.03% distributes to $BDEX #hodlers,
  • 0.01% to add liquidity automatically,
  • 0.01% will be burnt from the circulating supply forever which, will help to reduce $BDEX supply and make it more scarce

Initial liquidity pools (LP) to farm $BDEX

The first 24 hours:



From day 2:

  • BDO V2.0/BUSD (More information to be provided)

From day 3:


Weekly halving rate: 2.5% — this means that $BDEX emission rate will be reduced 2.5% every 7 days (~201,600 blocks)

$BDEX Emission rate

$BDEX Emission rate

BDEX Stakers room

  • BDEX Stakers room is a Vault to stake $BDEX to earn extra profits and, rewards will be compounded automatically
  • 20% profit from the Reserve fund will be used to buy back $BDEX and distribute to stakers
  • BDEX Stakers room will be opened when 20% profit from the Reserve fund reaches $500,000 (This information can be found at the homepage)
  • Early withdrawal fee: unstake within 72 hours: 0.1%
  • Performance fee: 2%

IDO on bDEX (bLaunch)

More details to be provided within the next 7 days

What’s coming next:

  • BDO V2.0 (TBA within the next 36 hours)
  • Bonds V2
  • bLottery V2
  • bLaunch
  • Major New UI to simplify all our ecosystem
  • bPepe (NFTs market)
  • Multi-Peg: Coupons update
  • Double-dipping for Boardroom stakers
  • More partnerships

About bEarn Fi

bEarn Fi is a cross-chain product in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that at its core provides yield generation, algorithmic stablecoin, gaming aggregation, cross-chain bridge, treasury, lending, DEX, yield calculator, lottery, NFTs and governance on multi-chain: Binance Smart Chain blockchain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain.

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