Introducing bDollar

  • Epoch Duration: 6 hours
  • Rebase/Expansion Amount: Up to 3%
  • Supply/Reward Mechanism: All parameters will be votable on-chain by governance
  • No expiry for Bonds
  • Community vote’s pool — new pools will be open based on the community’s vote
  1. Initial supply: 210,000 BDO
  2. Distribution period: 3 weeks
  • First week: 80,000 BDO
  • Second week: 60,000 BDO
  • Third week: 40,000 BDO
  • Airdrop: 30,000 BDO (BNB, BUSD, CAKE, BFI, BFIE, ESD, BAC, and VALUE) #hodlers can claim BDO by connecting your wallet at airdrop is organized on a first come — first serve basis, until the whole 30k BDO is fully distributed. Each wallet can claim a maximum of 2 BDO while upNdown’s users will be entitled to claim 5 BDO.
  • BUSD: 4x
  • DAI: 2x
  • BFI: 2x
  • CAKE: 1x
  • 3 tokens voted by Community — 1x



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A decentralized reserve currency protocol on #BSC