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🔥Feeling the heatwave of summer?🔥

This season is getting hotter than ever with the launch of the biggest sports event this year ⚽️UEFA EURO 2020⚽️! 24 national teams with 51 on-fire matches are promising to bring the greatest sports party to football fans across the world!

Let’s bring up the heat to the next level with bLotto EURO Betting — bet and earn more BDO while cheering for your favorite team in every single match!

EURO Betting with bEarn.Fi

EURO Betting is the newest platform brought to you by bEarn.Fi — a place where you can become a lucky winner by predicting the outcome of any match from UEFA EURO 2020! Get ready to place your bets! Starting on June 12 — the live progress of 51 matches will be available for tracking and placing bets directly on

Can your favourite team become the champions?

The first 3 types of betting will be ready to go from the first match:

  • Asian Handicap: The stronger team must win by more goals for a punter betting on them to win.
  • Traditional 1X2: Predict the final result of the match
  • Over/under: Predict a number for a statistic in a given game (usually the combined score of the two teams)

More betting options will be added to catch our community’s love for betting.

Extra! Apart from making these bets, you may also participate here and make a call on which team you predict will become the EURO Champions for a chance to win 10,000 $BDO!

How to participate in bEarn Sports Betting?

  1. Get some BDOv2 on bDEX.Fi
  2. Navigate to EURO Betting at
  3. Place your bets
  4. Await the match outcome, cheer for your team
  5. Claim winnings!

Enjoy every moment of UEFA EURO 2020 with the bEarn community and maximize your earnings! We wish everyone the best of luck!

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