Introducing BEARNDAO


Merger of bEarn Tokens

  • Stake BEARNDAO with #juicy APR
  • Governance (Voting power)
  • Purchase DAO’s NFT to get shared profit distribution
  • GameFi
  • And many more…
  • For bPower members → Please burn the NFT and get the tokens back then do the migration accordingly
  • BearnMigrateToken contract: 0xbe1bdA607d8660E0Bc274EB0afA7223D7Ae51f0D
  • $BEARN token contract: 0xBB5E26f25a034a7F0c02A3d0628B5f5C681847de

Tokenomics & Distribution:

  • Initial Liquidity: 25k tokens(10%)
  • bEarn Ecosystem Merger: 200k tokens ( 80%)
  • bEarn Compensation: 25k tokens
  • BUSD Compensation Part. 2 (9.64%)
  • BDO/BUSD 80/20 ( 0.36%)
  • $250k BUSD to mint 250k $BEARN tokens
  • $200k BUSD for Bearn Eco Tokens migration
  • $50k worth of $BEARN tokens to be added for liquidity



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