Introducing bLaunch — An innovative IDO platform on BSC

4 min readJun 4, 2021

Dear bEarn community

We are very excited to announce the latest integration to our bDEX Decentralized Exchange: bLaunch — our very own Launchpad! A place where you can exchange BDO & bDEX liquidity for potential profit by being the first to own the sweet new tokens from participating BSC projects.

What is bLaunch?

bLaunch is an innovative token sale platform that allows projects to bootstrap adoption by distributing a portion of their tokens through an IDO (initial dex offering) held on bDEX. We strongly believe in joining success through cooperation, which is why we wanted to bring bLaunch to our ecosystem. Our objective is to partner with new and promising projects to provide marketing, development, and liquidity support for this purpose!

In addition to the above, the bLaunch partnership also gives participating projects an opportunity to be integrated with our bVaults platform; One of the best yield farming optimizers on BSC that can offer double/triple rewards for stakers.

How will tokens be distributed on bLaunch?

The multitude of token options will consist of a combination of current as well as upcoming partners. To ensure the success of bLaunch and to bring a vast variety of options to our user base we will continue to put an effort into bringing the best token distribution plan for each IDO project.

What are the benefits of listing a project on bLaunch?

In addition to receiving significant market exposure from the bEarn community — one of the most active communities on BSC with over 10,000 active members — bLaunch offers countless opportunities for your project to evolve and grow:

  1. Synergy between your user base and ours to increase user adoption
  2. Access a ready-made community that is keen to engage and eager for opportunities
  3. Promotion through bEarn Ecosystem and our network, partnerships & community campaigns.
  4. Get listed on the best AMM DEX on BSC with very low slippage and the best & most competitive fees: bDEX
  5. bVaults service adoption for yield-farming aggregation of your tokens, provided entirely by the bEarn team with our secure and battle-tested bVaults protocols. Encourage your users to accumulate your tokens by forming a liquidity pair with BDOv2 or bDEX and grow their liquidity on bVaults.Fi while earning incentive rewards!
  6. Potential for further token integration within the greater bEarn ecosystem, including bLending and bLucky if participating project performance meets our requirements
  7. For projects involving NFTs, they will have the opportunity to get listed in our upcoming NFT bMarket where users can trade their NFT freely
  8. Project owners will receive 20% of all bDEX trading fees that involve their tokens, making the only platform capable of offering this unique opportunity
  9. Promotion through bEarn’s Telegram (AMA) with 10k+ active users

How to submit an application for bLaunch?

The quickest way apply for your project to be listed on bLaunch, is to fill out and submit the following form:

All applicants will be given a fair review by our Business Development Team and chosen projects will be contacted directly for ongoing cooperation.

How does bLaunch benefit BFI, BDOv2 & BDEX holders?

We have had the idea about integrating BFI/BDO with bLaunch since the conception of the project. And now, we are excited to also include bDEX as one of the two options available to participate in bLaunch IDO:

  • Be one of the first investors to possess the tokens of new projects
  • bLaunch will enable DeFi farmers and investors to access various new tokens without the associated minimum threshold reserved for investment funds.
  • bLaunch fees (2%) will be used as follows:

→1% of fees will be used to directly buy back and burn BDOv2

→1% of fees will be used to directly buy back and burn BDEX

  • As mentioned, we will work to introduce bVaults for IDO tokens paired with BDOv2 or bDEX. Keep in mind that a small portion of profits earned by bVaults are used directly to buy back BDO and BDEX from the market — which will help to exert a positive buy pressure on these tokens over time.
  • Users staking BFI in bEarn.Fi/Stake will also benefit from new bVaults, as a portion of the bought-back BFI is distributed directly to BFI stakers.

How to participate in bLaunch?


bLaunch allows users participate IDO by:

  • Stake bPower for at least 7 days
  • Provide BLP BDEX/BNB for at least 7 days
  • bPOWER owners have the privilege to buy IDO 30 minutes in advance.


  • 50% towards bPower buyers while the other 50% will be allocated for BDEX/BNB BLP buyers
  • Unsold tokens (the remaining balance) could be burned, depending on the IDO projects


  • When the token sale is live on BDEX’s Launchpad → use BNB to buy the IDO tokens
  • After the IDO completes, the tokens will be distributed to your wallet automatically

When will the first IDO take place?

  • The first IDO will be introduced within the next 14 days
  • We have already received multiple applications and we will continue to review these and select more qualifying projects for the IDO on our bLaunch

About bEarn Fi

bEarn Fi is a cross-chain product in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that at its core provides yield generation, gaming aggregation, bridge, treasury and governance on multi-chain: Binance Smart Chain blockchain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain.

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