Introducing bpDOGE — the next “Moon” Multi-Peg

Got amazed by the DOGE phenomenon ?

  • Distribution period: 185 days
  • Stake BDO, sBDO, bBDO (1.5x), sBFI, xBFI, CAKE-LP bpDOT/BDO (1.5x) CAKE-LP bpEUR/BDO (1.5x) CAKE-LP bpUNI/BDO (1.5x), CAKE-LP bpXAU/BDO (1.5x), CAKE-LP bpJPY/BDO (1.5x)
  • Reward multipliers will be amended overtime
  • Initial supply: 200,000 bpDOGE
  • Day 1 to day 5: 10,000 bpDOGE daily
  • Day 6 to day 26: 2,500 bpDOGE daily
  • Day 27 to day 180: 500 bpDOGE daily
  • 17,500 bpDOGE to DAO for initial liquidity supply and 3,000 bpDOGE to Marketing Fund
  • Block countdown:
  • Distribution of bpDOGE during Expansion: 57.5% of newly minted bpDOGE goes to DAO, 5% will be sent to Marketing Fund, while the rest 37.5% toward Boardroom Stakers
  • During Contraction (the Debt phase): 50% of minted bpDOGE will be sent to the Treasury for bpDOGE holders to participate in Coupons redemption; 30% for Boardroom stakers and 20% toward DAO Fund



A decentralized reserve currency protocol on #BSC

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