Introducing bPower — the most Innovative Loyalty Program

  • 20 slots for Diamond Hand: lock 50 BFI + 100,000 BDO for 400 bPower index
  • 50 slots for Platinum Hand: lock 25 BFI + 50,000 BDO for 100 bPower index
  • 1000 slots for Golden Hand: lock 5 BFI + 10,000 BDO for 10 bPower index
  • Shared profit (distribute weekly) from the ENTIRE bEarn ecosystem: including bLending, bVaults, bLucky, bDex..etc (6.9% goes to Diamond Hand, 7.9% towards Platinum Hand and 15.2% for Golden Hand ~ details to be updated in bFolio weekly)
  • Take note that the above % is shared among the number of holders. For example: Golden Hands gets 15.2% divide by 1000 per Golden Hand NFT (% ratio will be amended over time to adapt with the developments)
  • NFTs with bMarket where users can use bPower index to vote for creators who are making NFTs. Creators with enough votes (569 bPower index) can sell their NFTs and voters will earn a 6.9% commission (ratio based on bPower index) on the NFT sales!
  • The higher the bPower index you have — the more powerful you will be
  • Users could use the bPower index in the farming pools to stake and earn #juicy APY (new pools to be provided)
  • Priority list on bDEX’s IDO — allocation based on bPower index
  • Experience new products in Alpha/Private release
  • A special NFT collection (500 NFTs) as an extra reward for those who stay for 6 months or longer in the bPower — Loyalty program. Those NFTs will be distributed by 24th Nov 2021 to mark the First Anniversary of the bEarn Ecosystem. (More details to be provided later this year)
  • More features to be updated/changed as per community’s feedback
  • 6 months lock-up, if users unlock sooner than the locking period by burning the NFT, a penalty will be applied and the fine will be distributed to all the active Loyalty members at a flat rate
  • If Loyalty members burn the NFT and redeem their tokens, their Loyalty membership will be invalidated → availability for new people
  • Lock-up period resets every 6 months (from day 181) and the countdown will also be reset back to default
  • bDEX
  • bPepe (NFTs)
  • bLaunch
  • New UI
  • bLottery V2
  • Multi-Peg: Coupons update
  • Double-dipping for Boardroom stakers
  • More partnerships



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A decentralized reserve currency protocol on #BSC