Introducing bpUNI & bpXAU — a new set of Multi-Pegs

Waiting for more Multi-Pegs and its amazing benefits?

We are presenting not only one but TWO new live Multi-Pegs to our community: bpUNI and bpXAU — the first token that pegs into gold!

What is Multi-pegs?

Since the beginning, we have formed an idea about creating a Seigniorage protocol that is able to give out Multi-Rewards for Boardroom stakers, and this is where the state-of-the-art Multi-Pegs concept comes from. Building further on the existing Seigniorage concept, we have created the one and only Algorithmic assets on the Binance Smart Chain network with the first Multi-Peg: bpDOT, which uses sBDO and current Boardroom for its Seigniorage mechanism, effectively making boardroom give out “Multi-Rewards”.

Following the successful launch of bpDOT, we released bpEUR, the first Multi-peg seigniorage tokens under bDollar protocol pegged on a major fiat currency — EUR. This integration brings more benefits to our community and maintains the stability of the bDollar Protocol!

Introducing bpUNI and bpXAU mechanisms

The 2 tokens bpUNI and bpXAU follow the same mechanisms as their previous Multi-peg. For more details about Multi-Pegs mechanism, read more here bEarn Fi — Multi-Pegs

Peg bpUNI and bpXAU (below will be called as Multi-Peg tokens)

The TWAP of each token will be subsequently calculated from 2 liquidity pools: rate of bpUNI/pbXAU over BNB and rate of bpUNI/bpXAU over BDO.

To get the final rate of bpUINI/bpXAU over its peg (UNI or XAU), we use price feeds of UNI or XAU/USD and BNB/USD powered by ChainLink oracle services to ensure maximal robustness and efficiency. The rate of BDO/USD will be the latest TWAP of BDO (assumed that BUSD is always 1 dollar).

Expansion phase happens when token TWAP above its peg in an Epoch with an example scenario:

bpUNI distribution

Reward rate for Shares Pools (Multi-Pegs)

Boardroom with bpUNI expansion reward: From epoch #391 (Fri 09 Apr 2021 00:00:00 AM UTC+0)


bpXAU distribution

Reward rate for Shares Pools (Multi-Pegs)

Boardroom with bpXAU expansion reward: From epoch #393 (Fri 09 Apr 2021 12:00:00 PM UTC+0)

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