Introducing bVaults

2 min readFeb 13, 2021


Dear bEarn community,

Finally, the wait is over — bVaults is live at:

What are Vaults?

Vaults are the massively adopted term to represent the smart-contract strategies developed by yield optimizers. More elegantly said; bEarn.Fi optimizes bDollar rewards through a vault system; vaults serve as investment instruments, implementing procedures through smart contracts. These vaults automate the best yield farming opportunities. Vaults can also perform the following actions: use assets as liquidity, provide assets as collateral for others, manage collateral to reduce odds of liquidation, use assets to generate a yield and compound profits. With the following actions, vaults allow users to automate their De-Fi farming experience completely.

The vault contract takes care of all this for the user every hour, or earlier if the community calls the harvest button early! This means the user automatically has their harvest sold, compounded back into an LP, and deposited to allow it to grow at a faster pace and is hands-off.


The initial Vaults that we are deploying:

  • Pair BDO/BUSD LP
  • More pairs to be added

What makes bVaults different?

bVaults offers double rewards with BFI and BDO or even triple (more details to be updated) rewards for LP holders, apart from the high APY on each Vault and the token harvested. A 3% of newly minted BDO during the expansion phase will be sent to reward Vault holders. In comparison, other yield optimizers are currently offering single rewards.

The bEarn vaults system utilizes the following auto-compounding vault strategy:

97.1% of profits are used to compound users LP tokens

  • 50% to purchase BUSD or BNB
  • 50% to purchase BDO or sBDO

2.9% profit for performance fee

  • 1.9% for BFI stakers
  • 1% for Boardroom stakers

ZERO fee: Harvest, deposit, withdraw


  • Withdrawal time lock: Every deposit will lock up withdrawals for 3 hours
  • After 3 hours: No time lock for partial withdrawal or full withdrawal
  • The double rewards can be claimed anytime (no lock-up)

What’s coming next?

The bEarn team is hard at work to roll out new and exciting features to benefit the bEarn community. We’re working on deploying more vaults, integrating more Games and Lottery to benefit our users and other features are in line for release in the near future.

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