Strategic Partnership Announcement: bEarn.Fi x NileRiver.Finance

3 min readOct 30, 2021

Dear bEarn community,

Today we are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with NileRiver.Finance — a promising project that recently launched on the Moonriver (Moonbeam) network.

The present details of the partnership are as follows:

  • bEarn will act to be a major supporter of NileRiver and invest $200,000 of DAO funds to provide liquidity for $NIL — the share token of the NileRiver protocol
  • bEarn will be allocated 10% Dev fund of NileRiver
  • NileRiver will support bEarn with cross-chain products as bEarn goes Parachain
  • In exchange, NileRiver will airdrop $NIL to existing bEarn token holders, including $BFI, $BDO/$BDOv2, $bBDO, $sBDO, and $PVI
  • bPower holders will also be eligible for the airdrop
  • 200,000 $NIL will be airdropped over a period of 100 days:
  • 2000 $NIL airdropped daily
  • 1 $NIL may be claimed per eligible wallet every day
  • 100 $NIL claimable limit per eligible wallet
  • The amount of $NIL received isn’t affected by how many bEarn tokens a wallet may hold.
  • $NIL claims will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Claiming $NIL on the Moonriver (Moonbeam) Network

Moonriver is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot. The native gas token of the Moonriver (Moonbeam) network is $MOVR. Ethereum compatible wallets such as MetaMask and MathWallet may be used to interact with decentralized applications on this network.

We recommend users to prepare their wallets in advance in order to be able to claim $NIL airdrop. Keep in mind that you will have to use the same address as the one that currently holds your bEarn assets in order to be eligible to claim the airdrop. A faucet service will be made available by the NileRiver team to provide adequate gas tokens to claim the airdrop.

The Future of bEarn

Strategic Partnership

For the sake of transparency, we would like to share an insight on the reasoning behind this strategic investment and partnership. As you all know, the bEarn ecosystem is currently in a challenging time. In order to ensure the longevity of bEarn, we believe it is necessary to act decisively to make a move that lets us overcome our current barriers.

By partnering with NileRiver.Finance, we have the enormous opportunity to attain a strategic foothold in the Moonriver (Moonbeam) network. Having encountered the chance to bring benefits to bEarn and our investors, we made the choice to seize the opportunity. With this first step, we intend to finally bring some major movement and progress for the bEarn ecosystem stakeholders.

bEarn Assets Migration

Furthermore, we would like to reveal another upcoming update for the bEarn community. We are currently working on a plan to completely migrate all bEarn tokens into a new token in the near future. The details for this plan will be shared once they are concrete — but at this time we would like to at least let you know what to expect in the coming days.

About NileRiver

NileRiver is the one-stop solution for decentralized exchange (DEX) that combines a revolutionary automated market maker with yield farming, yield optimizers, and an NFT marketplace on the Moonriver (Moonbeam) network. A Full-service DeFi aims to bring unprecedented liquidity, decentralized financial services, and NFTs to crypto users with ease and maximum efficiency.

About bEarn Fi

bEarn Fi is a cross-chain product in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) that at its core provides yield generation, algorithmic stablecoin, gaming aggregation, cross-chain bridge, cross-chain sports betting, treasury, lending, DEX, yield calculator, lottery, NFTs, and governance on multi-chain: Binance Smart Chain blockchain (BSC), Ethereum blockchain and Polygon.

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