Strategic Partnership Announcement: bEarn.Fi x NileRiver.Finance

  • bEarn will act to be a major supporter of NileRiver and invest $200,000 of DAO funds to provide liquidity for $NIL — the share token of the NileRiver protocol
  • bEarn will be allocated 10% Dev fund of NileRiver
  • NileRiver will support bEarn with cross-chain products as bEarn goes Parachain
  • In exchange, NileRiver will airdrop $NIL to existing bEarn token holders, including $BFI, $BDO/$BDOv2, $bBDO, $sBDO, and $PVI
  • bPower holders will also be eligible for the airdrop
  • 200,000 $NIL will be airdropped over a period of 100 days:
  • 2000 $NIL airdropped daily
  • 1 $NIL may be claimed per eligible wallet every day
  • 100 $NIL claimable limit per eligible wallet
  • The amount of $NIL received isn’t affected by how many bEarn tokens a wallet may hold.
  • $NIL claims will be done on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The Future of bEarn

Strategic Partnership

bEarn Assets Migration



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